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13 mm white melon se

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JinCheng agricultural and sideline products - 13 mm white melon se

nutrients Baoqing seeds are rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin E, potassium, sodium, selenium, copper, zinc, manganese, iron, magnesium, calcium and other components. Baoqing seeds also contains rich amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients such as carotene.

Planting technology

Choose to

1. Baoqing seeds belong to drought-resistant crops, afraid of waterlogging, so choose well drained soil fertility strong, flood and the ground;

2. The soil: black butter sand and 23 wasteland is the best;

3. Crop: its preceding should choose maize, sorghum, millet and other crops. Worst QiuFan wheat, sugar beet crop, soybeans 50% increasing phosphorus, potassium, melons, make up for a lack of crop fertility.

Folding sowing

Soil preparation: in order to make the kind of melon plot soil moisture is good, it is best to autumn QiuFan ridge, no QiuFan autumn ridge block, early spring to be in a timely manner the top plasma ridge, foot farmyard manure good stone roller pressure, drought-resisting keep moisture, sowing state;

2. According to local climate characteristics and baoqing seeds of thermophilic afraid of cold, sowing time, generally on May 10 ~ 15 as well. In climate soil moisture suitable cases, 10 days after sowing can be influenced, to master in the miao unearthed before, it is advisable to avoid spring late frost;

3. Mu BaoMiaoLv. Planting distance 0.8 ~ 1 m, An planting three grain of left and right sides, mu with 1.25 kg, mu BaoMiao 1000 strains;

4. An kinds of fertilizers dig long holes along the ridge, the seed, fertilizer, seed fertilizer from one inch far, because of soil fertilizer, farm manure best, mu shi seeds agricultural compound fertilizer 15 kg, planed pit depth, thickness of overburden soil, trample An weight, depending on the soil moisture, we can take the emergence of the water supply of water. The seedlings in the early of qi, but don't make YaZi when sprouting is too long, see the radicle can sow.

Folding management after planting

Always to field check's and disease after sowing, if discover the imperfect seedlings and to replant in time, ensure that mu seedling rate.

Field management

After thinning out and singling: GuaMiao out together, seedlings grow to take one or two true leaf thinning, each An stay two strains, on the one hand, can prevent only one individual plant seedlings easy to damage, on the other hand can do fill the gaps with seedlings transplanting. Singling. Choose strong, color is, cotyledon, remove another strain;

Shovel trip: treasure clean melon on the shovel and other crops is different to do early on shovel, early, early three trips to the sealing ridge, i.e. a shovel, losses in case he is too long;

Led to YaMan: when GuaMiao grow to 70 centimeters or so before I go to jilt tendril can earth a directional, according to the local summer wind direction, the base of the surface being to earth up in the wind. Its advantage is: not only can make being part of the produce adventitious roots, increase the absorptive capacity, to avoid double seedling, but also to later field management, provide convenient conditions; Remove the root melons, QiaJian: first in a short internode melon melon is the root, should be removed as early as possible, otherwise it will affect production. When the main tendril there was 2 ~ 3 small melon, should be the main stem growing point, pinched off caps, the local fertility concentrated supply small melon growth, prompting the melon big early;

Rob early fertilizer: find being fat, in a timely manner according to, had better use urea, as ammonium nitrate, mu fertilizer rate of 5 kilograms. About 2 inches away from the root planing hole point ridging fertilizer;

: pollination is the key to high, in the first ErFu, 6 to 8 o 'clock every day, take down in male flowers and flower stem, snapping off the corolla, with a stigma to the female flowers on the can, can also use the bee pollination, per hectare place two to three group of bees;

Pest control: 

(1) diseases. Powdery mildew, is the main symptoms, blade, disease spot for light yellow spots at first, after expanding leaves above like coated with a layer of white powder make the blade die. Downy mildew, symptoms is expanding blade surface brown spots and virus, serious when blade is like fire, commonly known as "dragon plants". 

(2) the drug prevention and treatment: use 65% can warm powder a generation of sen jin to water of 500 ~ 600 jin. With 50% bacteria back a jin water wettable powder, 500 ~ 600 jin. 

(3) the pests: lady beetle (that is, the big sister), with 1500 ~ 2000 times dichlorvos, deltamethrin, symplectic sulfuric acid liquid spray.

Note: DeLin pesticide spraying pesticide broadleaf grass, should be in the limelight and breezeless, otherwise will be affected by the adr.

The fruit to take

Cut the melon melon cutting tool it is best to drop the melon knife, followed with an axe or a kitchen knife shovels. Be cross-cutting, otherwise will hurt seed;

Cut the melon: 

(1) the tool best oval spoons. 

(2) cut the melon with neither with meat, and not fall seed as well. 

(3) get rid of rotten seeds. Little seed and pick out the tiny seeds, separate processing custody;

Separation: drift seed. Do the tao pulp, on the day of separation (bills stacked perishable), had better use white melon seed separator separation (aging more than 1000 catties) machine separation after rinse with water after drying. Drying with wire netting is apart from the ground 1 meter is advisable. Conditional place it is best to use white melon integral separator processing;

Hard to finished products processing: dry time processing. Method there are two: one is to use basket fan; 2 it is to give the wind with the wind, remove the immature grain and soft skin and impurities, use clean bag packaging;

Storage: after finished products processing, should be put in storage or indoor dry dust (not in) outside.



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