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Grass lake farm play melon seeds peaches will bring more than 2000 ten thousand yuan income for the worker

Grass lake farm play melon seeds peaches will bring more than 2000 ten thousand yuan income for the worker

Corps news wujiaqu September 7 (Wilson lee) at present, it is a kind of watermelon harvest season, is a bumper harvest this year, the xinjiang production and construction corps NongLiuShi farmers in lake farm in smile.

"Kind of a kind of watermelon for many years, only a kind of watermelon this year price is best." Grass lake farm Dan tranship community guo-wen Chen said excitedly.

Farm farmers' special happy these days, in the lake, large and small buyers scrambling to flock to the company, opened a dozen takeover battle melon seeds, black piece in large, black melon seeds by the initial 9 yuan per kg up to 11 yuan. Red a blockbuster film, a red piece of melon seeds by original 11 yuan rose to 13 yuan per kilogram. Despite the recent raising prices by a further, there are rumors that playing of melon seeds, however, grass lake farm farmers are already very satisfied, because, they planted many years off and on a kind of watermelon, this is the top one year.

"I 35 mu melon seeds sold more than 50000 yuan, nearly an acre of land income is 1000 yuan." Farmers Liu Yan count the money in the hand, said happily: "kind of a kind of watermelon income good recent years we are stained with the light of the organization adjustment."

Nearly two years, in the lake farm adjustment of planting structure, break the risk of cotton "oneworld" planting pattern, characteristics of crop planting area expands year by year. Just a kind of watermelon planting area is by the beginning of the hundreds of acres, in the present more than 30000 mu. Although this year affected by rain, low temperature and diseases, but still yield over 150 kg. Baoqing seeds.

This year, call grass seeds lake farm worker will generate an income of more than 2000 ten thousand yuan of above.



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