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  The connotation of Jincheng is summarized as "harmony, sincerity and creation".

  Harmony, that is, harmony, is the fundamental reason for the development of things to recognize and pursue harmony and promote the growth of all things, while not seeking harmony will lead to destruction. The task of economic organizations is to build, and the theme of building is to build harmony and generate wealth without struggle. In competition, win-win situation is emphasized, and the interests of the partners are given, leaving room for competitors to pursue and pursue. Plain style; Internally speaking, emphasizing transposition thinking, understanding others, helping others succeed, I am everybody, everybody is everybody. A cordial and harmonious environment is a valuable pursuit for employees who spend most of their waking hours at work. Everyone is not only the builder of a harmonious atmosphere, but also the enjoyer to keep the tree of life evergreen. The harmony of harmony and moistening is the sum of gentlemen, while harmony is different. It emphasizes the positive opposition to wrong words and deeds, looks at the eyes and gives opinions, and builds harmony on the correct basis.

  Honesty means honesty, sincerity, sincerity, and sincerity. People in the world are willing to communicate and get along with honest people, so are honest people. Even those who are deceitful and hypocritical are willing to deal with honest people, but far from honest people. In the long run, opportunities are always acquired by honest people, who can live in an invincible position for a long time by being honest with others. On the contrary, playing smart, skillfully and strategically, without some Tao and wisdom, it will only achieve half the result, win small and lose big, and lose many opportunities. The sincerity of harmony and moistening must first be sincere, sincerity must come from the heart, and the chain of honesty must be established from the beginning of oneself. Therefore, we should maintain a sincere attitude towards ourselves. The so-called determination for sincerity, that is to believe that the sincerity of oneself can be exchanged for the sincerity of others.

Creation is creation, innovation and creativity, which means doing everything possible to break through the original mode of things and do everything well. In our daily work, we strongly advocate creating every bit at any time and anywhere. Keeping passion and initiative is the key to improving the quality of each employee's work.

  Enterprise spirit: self-pressure, self-development, self-innovation, self-transcendence; unity, team, republic, victory.

  Enterprise Vision: To become a large-scale characteristic enterprise in the field of agriculture.

  Enterprise Mission: Open up land to connect the market.

  Core Idea: Harmony and pragmatism, progress and innovation.

  Management concept: Form square circles with rules, and exchange sincerity for sincerity.

  Business Concept: Link up customers and create win-win situation.

  Business strategy: Better slow down, better go.

Values: Hold up a blue sky and share a fertile soil.

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