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JinCheng food Pumpkinseeds & kernels

  Over the past ten years, Jincheng people, relying on their hard-working hands and perseverance in entrepreneurship, have come to the forefront of the same industry with white melon seeds, with reform as the driving force, development as their responsibility, pioneering, innovative and enterprising.

  We are facing a new era in which opportunities and challenges coexist and difficulties and hopes coexist. We will seize opportunities, challenge ourselves, overcome difficulties and achieve success.

What we are pursuing is innovation, innovation, re-innovation, taking a new road of development, and building an advanced technology-based white melon seed planting base!

  What we yearn for is the loyalty of all employees to the company, their persistence in the cause, their business development, and their good professional ethics and value orientation, so as to promote the rapid and sustainable development of the enterprise.

  What we are pursuing is a harmonious corporate culture environment and a good career development space, efficient management and operation mechanism, and encouragement and praise to the successful people.

  What we are focusing on is the corporate culture theme of "people-oriented", "scientific and technological innovation" and "management innovation", striving to shape a high-quality workforce.

  What we hope is to make friends from all walks of life at home and abroad and to achieve greater development on the basis of "win-win".

  Let's go hand in hand and strive for a better future in Jincheng.

  Chairman: Sun Nianling

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